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Thursday, 30 May 2013

New Find #6 Lotta from Stockholm

You might have noticed an increase of beautiful clogs pounding the pavements lately, only to discover, that you just can't afford the £100+ on a pair of Sweedish Hasbeens. But then I stumbled across Lotta From Stockholm. The clogs are made in Smålland by a family owned clog factory, who have been making clogs since 1860 and at £57.50, they are half the price of Hasbeens! 

Despite their clompy wooden appearance, they are designed to be really good for your feet, although I'm sure this pro lessens the higher the heel but I live in mine, popping on some socks to keep my feet warm when it's chilly. 

Lotta also does seconds and sale items that are only £35 and with that tempting price, I am about to order my third pair, these beautiful silver peep toes.

Buy silver peep toes here


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